Title: L'Objet Inquiétant
What: Porcelain figurative object as a result of studying beauty and sublime adjacencies.

It is known that porcelain artisans and manufacturers from the Spanish Mediterranean area have moved from working on figurative pieces to the geometric objects more focused on the consumer goods industry. Traditionally, porcelain figures have dealt with beauty, whilst beauty is delicate and its colours are clear and bright.

The first comprehensive text in the Western discourse about the sublime is an unfinished Greek treatise entitled Peri Hyposus (About the Sublime) from the first century AD attributed to Longino.
The peaks of the mountains, the storms at the sea and the infinity are other examples of the sublime for Edmund Burke.

Intelectual Property: colhn
Prototyping: Colhn & Panzer.
Industrial model: Angel Alfaro & Colhn
Communication: Alfonso Zamorano