Exhibition: ARTESCAPES Universitat Politècnica de València 04/11/2007 - 05/18/2007
Title: Amanite Generative
What: An interactive & evolutive installation using an adaptation of previously developed machine L’Esplendor as image & audio synthesiser.
Intelectual Property: Concept & design of this interactive architecture by colhn. Inspired by Buckminster Fuller Richard patent number: US3203144 A
Conceptual Computer vision: colhn & Juan.Rar
Computer vision programming C: Juan.Rar
Audio synthesis programming & control Max/Msp: colhn
Image synthesis processing: LuisMore based on Jared Tarbell open works. Thanks man!
Prototype construction: Panzer, Zagg_3 & colhn
Hardware programming: colhn
Sponsorship: With the support of ASIC