Exhibition: Pixel&Code! Art & Design arround New technologies.
Contemporary Culture Center October, Valencia, Spain 16 September to 5 October 2010

Title: The Establishment. Porcelain, polyester, Pico projector, Processing App, video, audio composition, speakers and monitors.

What: Promotion of three degrees of awareness of the dominance practice built upon the foundations of media and information broadcasting


- Hyper Postmodernism receptor and Media broadcasting element representation
- Immersive experience
- Unknown immersive scene broadcasting
- Awareness of structure and scope of establishment's executed power

Intelectual Property: Designs, Images and texts by colhn.

Sponsorship: With the support of ASIC, UPV.

Concept: colhn
Hardware design assembly & programming: colhn
Audio synthesis programming & control Max/Msp: colhn
Image synthesis processing: colhn
Prototype construction: Panzer & colhn
Hardware programming: colhn & Luis More

Special Thanks to Zagg#3 (photo), Joan (conceptual discussions), Luismore (video), UPV, Octubre, NectarStudio, Re.Size , Processing crew and all the lovely people who help us in the production

+INFO: Pixelattack & Octubre