What: Exploration of the interaction with matter and landscape with indeterminate outputs

1. - Triassic stone brick study with RFI tag text: Extinction-Level Event: Belchite, 1937 D.C.
2. - Ordovidic and Triassic stones for the reconstruction of the old Belchite village
4. - Possets peak next to Ordovidic site
6, 7, 8, 10, 1. - Interaction with matter. Patacona beach Valencia, 20 July 2014. Benasque Valley, 28th December 2015
12. - Highlight series: Golden stone in the way to Posets peak. Spanish-French Pyrenean border 29/12/2012

One more time thx to all the lovely people that helped in analysis of stones, discussions, attack to mountains and experiments.

Special thanks to Research Institute for Industrial, Radiophysical and Environmental Safety (ISIRYM) and to Belén Juste for the discussions at atomic level and the laboratory support.
Thx to stonecutter Jonas
Thx to faculty at UV Department of Geology - University of Valencia












Highlight series