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Title: L'Esplendor ( )

What: Exploratory and serendipitous approach to information, information and communication technologies (ICT), message and art. Experiri of an interactive architecture.

Keywords: Audio synthesis, video synthesis, real time human interaction, computer vision, artificial vision, data computation and algorithms, human-machine Interfaces, sound-image relationship and synesthesia.

Combinational mindset approach to art and science. Project that generated three evolutive concept prototypes, in which new approaches of human-machine interaction, media synthesis and consumption, and architectonic space were tested. New considerations of the function of art with respect to these subjects were explored.

Built upon a conceptual new function of art, an hypothesis about a potential different approach to seamless generating and interacting with data was tested by experimentation.

On March the 3th of 2004 an interactive architecture was designed and initially developed in Paris. In 2005 the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) Spain, founded the project and allocated a team of three people specialised in audio, graphics and programming. Different prototypes and research were made with the valuable assistance and financial support in this period.

On May the 17th of 2006, an interactive device to generate real time audio and graphics was presented in the context of TIC Scenarios, Valencia Science Prince Felipe Museum.

On September the 15th 2006 in Girona Spain, it was presented a prototype of a musical instruments that interpreted the performer movements, allowing the enhancement and extension of musical and performing expression by the means of music, graphics and video synthesis.

On April 2007 within the ArtEscapes exhibition, it was presented an image and audio synthesiser in the form of a emissive surface reacting to the performer’s hands movements and generating real time audio and graphics by means of artificial vision and music algorithms.

Intelectual Property: Different designs, sketches and images by colhn.

Team: Colhn, Juan.Rar, LuisMore & Zagg#3

Conceptual Computer vision: colhn & Juan.Rar
Computer vision programming C: Juan.Rar
Audio synthesis programming & control Max/Msp: colhn
Image synthesis processing: Colhn and LuisMore
Prototype construction: Panzer, Zagg_3 & colhn
Hardware programming: colhn
Nice times for a nice people.

Founding entity: Personal and Public (Citè Culture, France and ASIC, Polytechnic University of Valencia )

With the support of:
Área de Sistemas de Información y Comunicación, ASIC
Universitat Politécnica de València, UPV



Paper L’Espledor Experiments


Mayo 2005, Barcelona
Presentación de la maquina “L’Esplendor (412 525)” en SONAR, Festival Internacional de Música Avanzada y Arte Multimedia de Barcelona.

Noviembre 2006

Apoyo institucional y económico para la construcción de L’Esplendor. Plataforma interactiva itinerante (Valencia, Gandia, Alcoy) por parte de Vicerrectorado de cultura de la UPV.

8 Febrero 2006, Valencia

Presentación y conferencia. “L’Esplendor Experiments”. BBAA, UPV

30 Marzo 2006, Valencia

Presentación y conferencia. Gestión del conocimiento entorno a visión artificial, audio y video en tiempo real, software Technologies. Casa del Alumno, UPV

4 Mayo 2006, Valencia
Presentación y conferencia. Gestión del conocimiento entorno a visión artificial, audio y video en tiempo real, software Technologies. Facultad de Bellas Artes San Carlos, UPV.

17 Mayo 2006, Escenarios TIC Valencia

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Paseo Sur del Museo Príncipe Felipe. Escenarios TIC (Tecnologías de la Información y de la Comunicación) Presentación del dispositivo “L’Esplendor (412 525)”.

15, 16 Septiembre 2006 Girona
Celebració del 5è Aniversari L’animal a l’esquena, Centro de creación contemporánea. Presentación de dos dispositivos “L’Esplendor ( )”.

04/2007 – 05/2007 ARTESCAPES València
Presentación del primer prototipo de arquitectura interactiva domo geodésica en Artescapes, variaciones de la vida en las artes multimedia.





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